A New Way to Fall For Beer

January 30, 2017

By Michael Kiser, January 30, 2017

As the American conception of beer evolves, so do we, its drinkers and critics.

October aims to capture the spirit, ambition, and wort-soaked labor of the gambrinus pursuit — the making and drinking of the good life. Through essays, travels, events, and an objective look at what makes beer so damn good, our hope is that you’ll find resonance here, something of unusual quaffability, as part of the drinking class.  

Led by Condé Nast, Pitchfork, Good Beer Hunting, and BeerGraphs, with support from ZX Ventures, we’re bringing together a group of people with expertise in publishing, culture, and of course, beer. Our goal is to tell stories at the intersections where beer becomes part of a bigger picture, as it does in both past and present. So while we’ll be ambitious in our view of the future, forgive us for being a bit nostalgic at times too.  

That feeling is baked right into our name. A few months ago, just as we started replacing the sweaters in storage with beach towels, the vision of this new venture started to unfold. A small team worked through the summer to prepare for launch, perfectly timed with that time of year when beer starts to pair especially well with seasonal smells, temperatures, and experiences. Every fall invites a sense of self-reflection of the year behind, and a look at the year ahead. That’s as true for life as it is for beer — and that became October.

Beer also has its lace in a wider spectrum of people, cultures and storytelling.”

Everyone appreciates the nuances of the craft, and we’ll be covering the variables and creativity that it takes to push forward all of the styles, flavors, and methods we see in beer today. But beer also has its place in a wider spectrum of people, cultures and storytelling. We’ll aim to push beyond the conventional wisdom of beer in an attempt to create a stronger connection for drinkers with diverse interests, palates, and backgrounds.

We’ll also be quite useful. Informed reviews will anchor unbiased ratings and meaningful, searchable data — you can only drink so many beers in your life and they might as well be the best. Our travel experiences, also motivated by beer, will be documented as a guide for you to reference on your own adventures.

We’re glad you’re here, especially in our earliest moments. The team is proud of where we’re starting today, but of course, our real optimism lies in what’s ahead.

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From your team:

Mike Raspatello, Founder & President
John Jung, Vice President
Michael Kiser, Executive Producer
Seth Dodson, Head of Events
Matt Dennewitz, Head of Product
Eno Sarris, Managing Editor

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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