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Enjoy WeldWerks’ Breakfast for Three All by Yourself

November 12, 2019

By Tucker Anders, November 12, 2019

Earlier this year, Denver-area brewer WeldWerks invited 45 brewers to bring their most boundary-pushing barrel-aged offerings to the Mile High City. The WeldWerks Invitational was a smashing success by all accounts, but the best thing to come out of it was a collaboration breakfast stout, Breakfast for Three. Weldwerks teamed up with Mikerphone and Great Notion to brew a maple syrup and Peruvian coffee infused imperial stout that is one of the best beers I’ve had this year. While Breakfast for Three may be meant for sharing, I’d encourage you to be selfish and savor every last drop.


The nondescript can doesn’t jump off the shelf, but the cream and black label is covered in maple leafs for a touch of flare. Breakfast for Three pours black with a rich brown foam cap. The head looks a bit more cream-colored as it fades and settles in a ring around the glass. This looks every bit the part of a thick, boozy imperial stout.


Breakfast for Three packs a ridiculous amount of maple, chocolate, and coffee into its strong aroma. It smells sticky sweet and only faintly like a beer. It smells like breakfast, specifically some maple and chocolate breakfast pastry dipped in coffee.

I’ve been burned before by unbalanced sugar bombs drowned in maple syrup, but this collaboration walks the line between bitter and sweet.”


That blend of confusing aromas presents in some stellar flavors. Breakfast for Three is an absolute stunner, with tons of maple and coffee pairing together for a wallop of sweetness and bitterness. The Peruvian coffee flavor is very distinct, bringing out the fruitiness of the beans. A hit of dark chocolate and booze creep in behind, adding depth and assisting to clean up the sweetness. Breakfast for Three is thick, but not syrupy, and doesn’t feel too heavy. The result is a dangerous16-ounce breakfast stout.


I’ve been burned before by unbalanced sugar bombs drowned in maple syrup, but this collaboration walks the line between bitter and sweet. Breakfast for Three challenges Founders CBS for the title of best maple syrup-infused beer. The fruity, bitter roasted coffee addition creates a pairing that I’ll be talking about for quite a while.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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