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WeldWerks Achieves Pastry Stout Perfection

August 15, 2018

By Jerard Fagerberg, August 15, 2018

The pastry stout has become something of a pariah in the brewing world for its cloying, lowest-hanging-fruit appeal. Leave it to Greeley, Colorado, brewery WeldWerks to lead the style’s reckoning, by applying their blue-collar ethic to their sugar-saturated run of stouts and porters.

That’s been the key to getting Coconut Coffee Stout recognized as a world-class delicacy—the balance of roastiness, sweetness and softness makes this beer a delight to drink. The fact that it was cooked up as a treat for the working man and woman only makes it more satisfying.


Coconut Coffee Stout pours a delectable syrupy brown. The foam head builds quickly, rushing for the lip of the glass like a chocolate souffle reaching peak fluffiness. The body gives hints of amber and red, but only where the light enters the glass. That light, however, mostly gets sucked up in the obsidian vortex of the beer.

Bring a four-pack of this chocolate muffin stout to a dinner party and watch as the guests’ eyes roll back in hedonistic glee.”


Pop the tab, and there’s an instant mushroom cloud of roasted coconut. It smells like those coconut flakes you find in the good Trader Joe’s granola. Cocoa powder and java also emanate, making the beer smell like a cup of  $10 Bushwick coffee. There are also strong hints of Irish cream, caramel and cacao. If you’re looking for any dessert, chances are you’ll find it within a sniff of this stout.


This beer is opulent; it’s an invitation to indulge. It taste as rich as hot chocolate, with a silk candy undercurrent—think Werther's Originals—absolutely abounding with cream, caramel and coffee. Lost in this luxurious swirl is the 8% ABV. Though you probably should transition to a pilsner or something lighter after one can, that sturdy gravity could sneak up on you if you have a more formidable sweet tooth.


How can you argue with liquid lava cake made for the masses? Bring a four-pack of this chocolate muffin stout to a dinner party and watch as the guests’ eyes roll back in hedonistic glee. Beer snobs, beer agnostics and outright teetotalers—they can all dig into the trifle of Coconut Coffee Stout and enjoy the fact that they have sense to be overloaded.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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