A White Claw 'Claw Game' Might Be Coming to a Bar Near You

January 16, 2020

By October Staff, January 16, 2020

Just in case you thought that the hard seltzer craze would die in the smoldering trash heap of 2019, think again. Apparently entire festivals devoted to boozy, fizzy water and big brands pushing double-digit ABV versions of the stuff was only the beginning of a trend that grew so quickly that it briefly generated a national shortage of the spiked sparklers.

Now, please meet the White Claw Claw Machine.

Kicking the hard seltzer fad up to new levels of absurdity, it's a modified version of the classic arcade mainstay, but this time it's full of cans of the seltzer that appeared at just about every beach and backyard barbecue last summer.

The first of these actually debuted in July at Scottsdale, Arizona bar El Hefe. "The response so far has been amazing!" Robyn Moore, director of communications for the bar's parent company, Riot Hospitality Group, told AZCentral at the time. Moore also confirmed that the bar had worked closely with White Claw on the game.

Since then, other White Claw Claw Machines have begun appearing all over the US. Jack’s American Bar and Milwaukee Brat House in Milwaukee both have one, as does State Street Brats in Madison, Wisconsin. And now Gambal’s Social Club in Kansas City, Missouri has one, too.

The machines don't actually dispense booze. The cans are empty—but they are redeemable for a discounted hard seltzer at the bar. And that's probably a good thing, because as one Facebook user pointed out, "there's nothing like a warm shaken up white claw lol."

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