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Zero Gravity’s Little Wolf Is Small on ABV, Big on Flavor

August 15, 2019

By Jesse Bussard, August 15, 2019

Sometimes you just want a beer. Vermont’s Zero Gravity Craft Brewery’s Little Wolf is that beer, especially when you’re looking for a reliably tasty, yet sessionable pale ale. Named for the translation of the hop species name Humulus lupulus, Zero Gravity describes Little Wolf as a “small but feisty” beer.

Appearance and Aroma

Little Wolf pours a rich golden-orange hue with a thick, creamy, lasting head. Sloshing the beer in my glass, fruity aromas of ripe oranges and tangerines waft towards my nose, followed by the light scent of fresh-cut grass and flowers.

Along with being a just plain delicious and extremely drinkable, Little Wolf is also gluten-reduced.”


Little Wolf is a  straightforward beer. Each sip is bready and malty with bold citrus flavors of grapefruit and orange rind. There’s a soft, yet dry finish with a hint of herbal, piney bitterness that lingers for a while. Zero Gravity achieves this this simple, yet punchy profile with the use of a mix of Horizon, Citra, Cascade hops followed by a generous dry-hopping of Mosaic.


Little Wolf is a beer that while small in ABV—at 4.7%—is big on aroma and flavor. Along with being a just plain delicious and extremely drinkable, Little Wolf is also gluten-reduced. So, gluten-sensitive or not, this year-round offering is a day-drinker that can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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