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On Hoppy Sours

  • Guest :Chris Matthiessen of Almanac Beer Company
  • Duration :20 min
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By Eno Sarris, June 08, 2017

Making a Sour used to be about fruit and yeast in a barrel for a long time. That's not a great situation for hops, which can see its effects die off quickly. But give breweries time and they'll find a way to experiment, which has led to a new style that's gaining traction in today's beer world: the hoppy Sour. 

Almanac Beer Company is best known for their Sours, and have been focusing on them since they were founded in 2010, and therefore they were well positioned to be a player in this new style. Chris Matthiessen, the Sales Director at Almanac, stops by to talk about what they've learned over time about how to best make beers that will make you sniff and pucker. 

If you're looking to better understand hops, there's a chance this style will help you pick apart the tasting notes in each type of hops. Aspects of the brewing process actually help the smell and taste of the plant shine even more than they might in an IPA. You'll just have to get used to the tartness.


Thanks to Remo Remoquillo for the header illustration

ZX Ventures, a division within AB InBev, is an investor in October
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